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Watch our latest video now - Guide to Nails

As with the last guide to padlocks and security, there's a lot to learn to about nails. So follow us in this video, getting to grips with the right nail for the right job!

Watch our latest video now - Guide to Padlocks and Security

Watch our latest video now - Guide to Padlocks and Security It can be a bit of a minefield choosing the right padlock for the right job, so Renovate Innovate have put together this helpful video using Centurion products to help demystify padlocks and security.

a more sustainable future

How Centurion are working towards achieving a more sustainable future Centurion Europe’s Product Development Team are looking at the future of packaging for the next decade across the whole of Centurion Europe Group Of Companies. Our team are researching and looking at new sustainable packaging solutions as well as existing packaging that is made from Recycled Material or using Material that is wholly Recyclable. We are working with existing and potential new suppliers and challenging them to do better to help mitigate our impact on the environment.

Warmseal Draught Proofing Extends it’s Range

As energy prices continue to rise, a harsh winter this year will hit the pockets of us all significantly, but what can we do about this to help save some money. Centurions house brand Warmseal, has extended its range to now include Thermal Foil Insulation and Tape, Radiator Insulation and Pipe Wrap.

A 40-year service milestone for Sue Otley

On the 12th of July 1982, Sue Otley joined Centurion as the very first employee. 40 years on she now celebrates a significant service milestone with the company. Centurion are a distributor of DIY and Trade Professionals products to the Independent DIY Retailers and builders’ merchants throughout the UK. Based in Doncaster their wide portfolio includes hardware, ironmongery, gardening, plumbing and electrical products.

Watch our latest video now - Guide to Screws

There's a lot to learn about screws and grabbing the wrong one has can cause big issues to your project. In this video we are going to show you how to identify screws by their colour, thread and heads. We will also demonstrate some good practices when using screws and some essential tips and tricks which should help you with your upcoming project.