Wholesale and Trade Garden Tools and Accessories


Established in 1825, Andersons offer todays gardener expertly crafted tools and accessories to provide DIY, hardware and gardening centres a wider range of high quality products at a reasonable price.

Providing a comprehensive range of high quality and durable gardening products, Andersons covers all aspects of digging, cultivating, cutting, tidying as well as lawn care, topiary, weeding and other lighter tool and accessories.

The range has everything you might need including garden spades, forks, gloves, bags, clothes lines, props and pegs, hose pipes and accessories and much more! Available wholesale only to retail and trade customers, Andersons offers great margins. Products come pre-packed and retail ready enabling you to quickly put the products your customers are looking for out on the shelves.

In addition to the Andersons range of products we are also wholesale supplier of brands such as Briers, ALM, Doff, eazifeed, Kingfisher and many more.

We stock a comprehensive range including: