New Warmseal Website Launch!!!

06/09/2018 11:19

Aimed at raising consumer awareness of the Warmseal brand, the new website tells consumers about the brand, the benefits of the range and also contains handy installation instructions.

The website will see further development over the next few months as we start to see our busiest time for the Warmseal range. With temperatures falling and a shift in weather patterns, customers are now looking for cost effective ways to draught proof or weatherproof their homes.

Turning down the heating thermostat by just one degree in a typical home can save up to £90, according to Which? Draught free homes are more comfortable at lower temperatures which means thermostats can be set lower, saving even more on energy bills.

Our Warmseal range includes:

The Warmseal range is incredibly easy to install, with most products taking 5 minutes or less to install, We appreciate not all DIYers are the same and have included an Installation section which should take the headache out of fitting the products.
We have also included a 'Find Us’ function where customers can put their own postcode or town/city and search for their local stockist. If you currently stock Warmseal and would like to be added to the website please contact

Merchandising solutions include counter top display boxes and two retail POS units. The counter top display boxes are a great way to drive impulse buys near your till.

You can view the Warmseal counter top deals here:

E Strip Display Box (White) - G72201DB
E Strip Display Box (Brown) - G72301DB
P Strip Display Box (White) – G73201DB
P Strip Display Box (Brown) - G73301DB

The MDF retail POS units are available in two sizes and include a comprehensive range of bestselling Warmseal products.

You can view the Warmseal POS units here:




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