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Mellerud Cleaning Products - Exclusive to Centurion 

The white bottle with the red logo – synonymous with MELLERUD. For more than 30 years Mellerud have produced with high-quality products for cleaning, maintenance and protection. Today more than 100 staff in Germany produce around 200 specialist cleaners and maintenance products for the home, garage, shop floor, garden and caravan which are far superior to conventional all-purpose cleaners and are gentle on materials and the environment.

MELLERUD high quality products are developed and produced in Germany according to in house laboratory formulas and quality standards are continually monitored and updated to ensure “Made in Germany” products continue to be produced.

Decades of research and development work has made MELLERUD the No. 1 full-range product supplier in Germany. Don’t miss out on this superb new range exclusively from Centurion.

Featured Products

Mellerud Bottles

Bathroom & Sanitary Range Includes:

Acrylic Clean and Care
Bathroom Power Cleaner
Drain-Ex Active Gel
Intensive Hygienic Cleaner
Limescale and Rust Remover
Mould Inhibitor
Mould Killer Chlorine Free
Mould Killer Spray
Mould Shield
Shower Cubicle Clean and Care
Silicone Remover


Mellerud Bottles

Household Range Includes:

Adhesive Residue Remover
Ceramic Hob Clean and Care
Fast Descaler
Glass and Mirror Cleaner
Graffiti and Expanding Foam Remover
Kitchen Degreaser
Laminate and Cork Clean and Care
Metal Cleaner
Oven and BBQ Cleaner
Plastics Cleaner
Polish for Gold, Silver, Brass and Copper
Polish for Plastics and Acrylic
Polish for Stainless Steel, Chrome and Aluminium
Stove and Oven Glass Cleaner
Vinyl and Linoleum Clean and Care
Washing machine and Dishwasher Clean and Care

Mellerud Bottles

Outdoor Range Includes:

Algae and Green Growth Remover
Garden Furniture Cleaner
Oil and Grease Stain Absorber
Wall and Masonry Cleaner

Mellerud Bottles

Tiles & Stone Range Includes:

Cement Residue Remover
Grease, Wax and Dirt Remover
Grout Cleaner
Grout Protector
Heavy-Duty Acidic Tile and Stone Cleaner
Heavy-Duty Intensive Cleaner
Natural Stone Impregnator
Porcelain Stoneware Clean and Care
Porcelain Stoneware Impregnator
Stone Floor Shine and Protect
Stone Sealer
Wall and Floor Tile Cleaner


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