Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise agreed, all sales made by Centurion Europe Ltd are made on these conditions of sale. No variation of these conditions of sale or any terms supplied with any order form or other document provided by you will be binding on Centurion Europe Ltd. Centurion Europe Ltd is referred to as “the Company”. (The headings are for the purpose of convenience and notinterpretation.)


The prices are shown in both Sterling and Euros (the currencies of payment). They are subject to change on or after theacceptance of an order should costs vary during the execution of the order or if any modification or extra work is required by theCustomer and is carried out by the Company. Any variation in price will be notified to the customer prior to fulfilment of order. The prices shown are exclusive of Value Added Tax which will be charged to and paid by the customer at the rate ruling at the tax point.

Payment of Invoices

Invoices for goods and any additional charges will be transmitted in the form agreed with the customer. Payment shall be made in full before the end of the month following the month of despatch. Any alternative terms of payment must be agreed in writing by a Director of the Company prior to despatch of the goods.

Ownership of Goods

The goods shall remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.

Return of Goods

If ordered in error by the customer, the Company can only accept goods which are returned in as 'new condition' and within 30 days from date of delivery. Credit for these goods will be subject to a minimum of 20% restocking fee.

It will not be possible for the Company to restock branded goods.

Out of Stock Items

Unless otherwise directed, all orders are accepted on a supply or cancel basis. Out of stock items will be cancelled without notice to the customer unless specifically requested to be kept on back order.


Special care should be taken on receipt of deliveries especially where the delivery comprises more than one box. Damage in transit must be advised in writing within three working days of receipt to both the carrier and the Company. Shortages of delivery must be advised to the Company within five days of receipt of the consignment.


No delivery charge will be made for orders fulfilled over the value of £100 nett for UK mainland and £250 (€350) nett for all other UK locations including Southern Ireland. For orders under these values carriage will be charged in addition at £7.50 for UK Mainland and £15.00 for other UK locations including Southern Ireland.

24 Hour Delivery is available for UK mainland only at a charge of £15 extra.

Force Majeure

Should the Company be prevented or hindered in supplying its goods or any part thereof by reason of war, riot, explosion, flood, fire, strike, lockout, industrial dispute, shortage of materials or labour, equipment breakdown or non-availability, or any cause beyond the Company's control the time for delivery or performance shall be extended by the period of time during which the said event prevented or hindered delivery or performance. The Company shall however use all its reasonable endeavours to reduce the period of delay so far as reasonably possible.

Liability & Guarantee

The Company will not be responsible in any way for consequential damage or other liabilities arising from the abuse or misuse of goods supplied by the Company.

When subjected to reasonable usage all tools, instruments and other items supplied by ourselves are fully guaranteed for the purpose for which they are designed. In the event of a fault in material or workmanship any such items will be replaced, repaired or full credited if returned to the Company carriage paid.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the details and prices in this catalogue we reserve the right to correct palpable errors.