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Centurion Proud Sponsors as Silver Fox battles to victory

31/08/2018 12:13

Centurion staff member Daniel McKane (aka Silver Fox) claimed a huge victory in charity boxing match after achieving a first round knock-out against his opponent The Tank.

Daniel, who is Head of Field Sales for and sponsored by Centurion started the fight with a 4kg weight disadvantage and being 19 years older than his opponent was looking to be the underdog but this could not have been further from the truth.

Previously Daniel was heavily in to martial arts – in his younger days holding a black belt in Tai Jutsu, but over time this fitness had faded (due to not training for over 10 years!). Knowing how he struggled to get back in to it Daniel knew this fight was to be a huge challenge in more ways than one!

‘I have struggled over the years to get fit, everything I have tried to do I found boring, and I could never find the right fitness regime for me. I have always preferred contact sports so knew this would be a great challenge, I knew I would have to put in the hours and the dedication as I was totally committed to succeeding for such a good cause.’

The night of White Collar Boxing matches proved a huge hit with the venue of the Royal Armouries Leeds being completely packed out. Daniel was understandably nervous ahead of the fight but quietly confident in his own abilities. As the fight started it became clear that the Centurion Silver Fox was not actually the underdog so many had thought he was. Fast on his feet and swinging massive punches it wasn’t long before The Tank began to falter and within less than 2 minutes of the first round Daniel won with a Technical Knock Out!

The event was held to raise money for Cancer Research UK and at the time of going to print over £25,000 had been made and the total is still climbing. Both Centurion and the Silver Fox are both great charity supporters with the cause being close to the hearts of many and neither could be more proud of his achievements.

As a company Centurion Europe is dedicated to supporting staff both in and out of the office and were keen to help Daniel out in his quest to raise money and change his life for the better in terms of health and fitness levels. Staff are very keen to support each other with many sponsoring Daniel and donating to this great cause.

When asked his views Paul Kantecki Managing Director of Centurion told us:
‘As a company we aim to support and encourage all our staff members both in their professional and personal lives. We are very proud of Daniel and his achievements and know his success will inspire many of our team to work hard for causes close to their own hearts’

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